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The White Decorative Vase in front of you features perfectly rounded edges and a delightful, soft shape. The gloriously, exquisite matte surface will feel unbelievably silky to every touch and trust us when we tell you, it is extremely easy to clean. The white vase will look stunning while holding your favorite flowers or simply as a piece of accessory in your home. The interior trend that simply keeps giving and doesn’t come to an end is truly the contemporary style. And, the easiest and quickest way to incorporate that in your confined space is via this base. Place this White Decorative Vase on a mantle, console, or side table for a swift injection of sophistication.


Beautiful On Every Surface:

Who said art should be reserved only for your walls? Now is the time to bring about allure to your unused corners or any open table with this extravagant, contemporary style vase. It is crafted from ceramic and this vase has a striking appearance which is achieved from its slightly tapered yet cylindrical silhouette. The vase is compact which means it can fit into narrow nooks. The solid hue of the vase with its coil like accents enhance the texture of the vase. This vase can store your favorite flowers giving it a more striking appeal.


  • Magnificent design
  • Impressive tall height
  • Striking white hue
  • Easy to clean (use a dry cloth to wipe the surface)
  • Can fit into any decor

Vases are undoubtedly the versatile decorative accent your house needs. Not only do they have the potential to fill in every empty space in style, but they can literally be placed anywhere. From end tables to empty dining tables, and bookshelves. This vase with its criss-cross geometric texture is definitely a stunner. Place your order for this stunner.


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