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Here at Interior Designs Studio, you can finally shop for design without the slightest worries. Our unparalleled quality promise assures every customer of a premium home/office design experience. Every step of the way our products go through several quality checks to ensure each product is devoid of all sorts of material as well as manufacturing defects.  So, place your trust on us for we have you covered.

What Do We Mean By Interior Designs Studio’s Quality Promise?  

We not only assure our customers of superior quality promises but also make sure each one of our products is free from all kinds of defects.

Are there any prerequisites that the Interior Designs Studio has?  

In the event of repair, Interior Designs Studio quality promise is valid only if the customer possesses a digital or physical proof of complete payment. One should also have a signed copy of the completion certificate at the time of installation.

What happens when a customer loses the bill or the Interior Designs Studio’s promise handbook?

There is always a way that we will help you. In case you don’t have the bill or the promise handbook issued by Interior Designs Studio you can directly call our 24*7 robust customer support for the lost information.

Will Interior Designs Studio charge money after the ‘Quality Promise’ term period has come to an end?

We will gladly provide our premium quality after sales services, long after your quality promise period has been terminated. The services will be offered at minimal amount. The price for any material that needs replacement will be included.

Does Interior Designs Studio Quality Promise cover services for décor products, customized products, and accessories?

Customized products and services offered by Interior Designs Studio will not be covered by the quality promise. Accessories and décor products may/may not be covered by the quality promise. We urge you to clarify your concerns by speaking to an authorized customer executive to find more about the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Interior Designs Studio’s Quality Promise will not cover any form of natural wear and tear or damage that is caused to the product. If rough handling or using the product beyond its intended use is the reason behind its damage, then there is nothing we can do. Kindly go through the detailed care instructions that we have to ensure that your product is in the best shape. This will also extend the longevity of the product.
  • The natural wood characteristics such as its variations in color, mineral streaks, grains and knots are not considered to be any form of defect.
  • You must notify Interior Designs Studio within 10 days of any defect caused to the product. This can be done by either phone or email.
  • Interior Designs Studio will only honor its guarantee to handle any damage to the product (under the quality promise) if it is within the mentioned time frame.
  • The scope of Interior Designs Studio quality promise can neither be changed nor be broadened. This can’t be done by anyone, even authorized representative of Interior Designs Studio don’t possess that power.
  • Interior Designs Studio will only be able to keep its promise for any repair or replacement if the product supplied and installed has been properly maintained and used only for domestic purposes. The product must be owned by the original purchaser at all times and it should also be at its original position and location.
  • The quality promise for Interior Designs Studio does not include any kind of labor, transportation, or installation charges. Any form of natural wear and tear will not be acceptable under quality promise. Any product that has been installed or used in association with Interior Designs Studio wardrobe or kitchen or electrical and plumbing fixtures associated with modular storage that stand in contrast with the specific instructions given by Interior Designs Studio will void the terms of warranty and quality promise. If there is any alteration, accident, modification, abnormal use, abrasive cleaning, continuous contact with high moisture, or subjected to extreme temperature the component parts or cabinetry will void the quality promise.
  • Interior Designs Studio will not be responsible for any form of claims that is arising due to defective material or workmanship of the products that are not clearly listed under the claim term.
  • The right to change the specifications of any product for improvement and evaluation is reserved by Interior Designs Studio.
  • Repair and replacement will be based on present product/service offerings within Interior Designs Studio product line, during the time of the claim. If the consumer does a claim when the product is obsolete or service, Interior Designs Studio will do the replacement depending on its availability.
  • Any decision regarding the repair of a component (wholly or partly) completely lies in the hands of an authorized Interior Designs Studio representative. The decision regarding replacement or repair will be made after an inspection is conducted by the representative. This decision will be about whether to repair the component in site, or return the said product directly to the factory for the purpose of refurbishing or replacement.
  • Liability: Interior Designs Studio will make every possible effort to replace or repair the defect that is caused to the product or any of its components. This will be done within a reasonable duration. Interior Designs Studio, however, will not be subjected to any kind of direct or indirect loss to the user arising out of delay or defect in providing the said services, or any fault that arises due to the installation, application, or design. Under no circumstances, shall Interior Designs Studio’s liability exceed the purchase price of the product or its replacement.
  • Quality promise won’t be renewed, in case the modular cabinets or components of the product are replaced either in parts or whole that too during the ongoing quality period.
  • Interior Designs Studio .com is basically a marketplace where both buyers and sellers of goods and services engage in mutual transactions. It is not the seller of any form of products and services.
  • Every curated vendor associated with Interior Designs Studio is registered. They undergo an extensive background and quality check. These registered vendors are the ones that provide warranties and guarantees for the products and services that are offered by them. Interior Designs Studio acts as the facilitator. It is not liable for any incidental, indirect, exemplary, special, consequential, or punitive damages.

Please note:

The Quality Promise of Interior Designs Studio guarantees multiple quality checks. This is performed every stage in order to deliver nothing but the best to you. Interior Designs Studio function as a marketplace which curates and facilitates the sale of goods, however, it can’t be held responsible for any incidental, indirect, special, punitive, exemplary, or consequential damages, quality issues, or whatsoever. For the sole purpose of helping the users, Interior Designs Studio might get involved to resolve any dispute under special requests. Interior Designs Studio proceeds with such requests under sole discretion. We have absolutely no obligation to resolve any dispute that arises between the users or amidst the outside parties and users.


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Interior Designs Studio with its commitment to total customer satisfaction and strict adherence to completion and delivery schedules has an enviable clientele that includes housing, office, retail, corporate, healthcare, industrial, hospitality & recreation, and institutional. We contract in carpentry, POP, civil, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, and other disciplines are all offered as part of our services. We undertake and execute from concept to completion, all kinds of interior decoration projects of any size & time schedule.


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