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Whether it’s a living room or a dining room, an office space or a hospitality centre, an institution or a healthcare centre; these are the three primary benchmarks that you must set before you choose to design it.
How would I get benefit from design consultation session?

Interior Designs Studio arranges a face-to-face consultation for your home or office interior design. We may also communicate with you through the phone call or video call when you reside in a remote place. During the discussion session, we will talk about your desires and the design needs of your house or any commercial space including office, retail stores, corporate offices, healthcare sector, hospitality & recreation and institutional spaces too. We will also present you with the ways of making the optimum improvement of the interior space. While this consultation session is over, our interior designer will give you the estimate for the customized interior design for home, office, industry, retail, healthcare center and recreation center.

What are the most important things for starting interior design project?

On the first session of our design consultation, you have to inform us about your floor design of your corporate or residential house. You may also take inspiration from various sources for the creative design. You must also be ready to talk about your design requirements and your personality. Then, we would ask you to have a look at the collections. You may pick the design that you prefer.

What is included in the design proposal?

Our designers, at Interior Designs Studio, will deal with color schemes and reference designs. This will help you to make out the look of the proposed design of the home or corporate interior. Thus, we are always ready to share the estimate for our services.

Bill of quantities (BOQ) - what does it indicate?

A BOQ is an itemized sheet, displaying the costs of furniture, various products and interior design services.

From where do you source your furniture?

We have created our own catalogue to let you find anything, related to your home and office interior project. This catalogue comprises the design of beds, sofas, tables, wardrobes, kitchen appliance and office furnishings. These are available to us in various sizes, colours and shapes. Our branded products will be long lasting choice to the clients, owning residence, recreation center, healthcare center, hospitality and institution.

Can i request design iterations?

We have placed no limit on the number iterations to be requested. However, it is better to stick to3 to 4 iterations, as every revision may affect the timelines.

Can i see the designs and samples while placing my order?

Surely, our designers, at Interior Designs Studio, will display you the proposed designs. You may feel and touch those designs. You can have a view at various materials and finishes, to be applied for the interior design of your home or office/commercial space.

What should i do when a product from BOQ is not in the stock?

Never be concerned on it.Our catalogue is vast, and you will surely find a product design that fits to your home and office décor. You can speak to our designer for choosing the best product for your home or office interior design process.

Furniture/electronics - delivery and installation
Who will install my electronic items, furniture and other things?

We have reliable service partners to help us. Our partners are able to install your custom products. We have employed our service partners after verifying their background and qualifications.

When will I choose your service partner?

After preparing the home/office interiors with the right designs, our designers will let you communicate with the service partners for the estimate.

Do your service partners give more than one quote?

You may have 2 to 4 quotes for the interior design of your home, office, commercial space or any other site. However, more negotiations with the quotation can affect the interior design timeline. While you find that the quotes, offered by your service partners, are not within your budget, you can ask for more quotes.

Can I personally hire contractor for the interior design?

No. Still, never worry at it. We have several service partners, and we evaluate them to ensure their performance level.

When do you start your work?

After receiving your order and sending the payment confirmation, we start our work.

Will your service partner adhere to the timeline?

We are highly strict in maintaining the timelines. Our designers will make the best effort to choose the perfect service partner. These partners will accomplish the interior design work flawlessly. However, for any unforeseen reason, there may be a delay in doing the work.

Who has to audit your interior design quality?

We have created a dedicated team for doing it, and this team regularly audits the interior design process. This will ensure smoother installation of various things in your house/office or other recreational centers.

Is there an option of getting refund while not pleased with interior design quality?

After placing the final order, we will not make any cancellation or refund. However, we can replace the present service partners with the new ones.

Will Interior Designs Studio’s service partners send me a separate invoice?

Yes, Interior Designs Studio is a marketplace, and we cannot issue the third party’s invoice. Our registered and certified service partner will create it for you.

Will the service partner provide me with all the essentials for interior design?

Our designers choose your service partner, focusing on the design type and other factors. For instance, while you need to automate your residential home/corporate offices, we find the right partner in this field.

Interior space design and payment

How do you have created our payment terms?

We can break up the payment scheme, based on the status of interior design progress. 50% of BOQ includes two different orders. Your orders may be on the custom furniture, plumbing system, electrical systems and various other things. We will take the remaining amount at the time of installing them.

Do you take an additional charge for visiting the site?

No, we will not charge anything for the site visit.

What is the charge for my home/office interior design and overall management?

Our team is highly transparent, and we have no hidden charge for managing the interior design activities. We have set a flat charge for our service for home, office, industry, retail, healthcare center and recreation center interior design.

Do I need to make a direct payment to the service partner and designer?

No, you can safely make the payment to Interior designs Studio. Thus, visit our website and click on the right button for payment.

Does your furniture and other product pricings increase or decrease with time?

Yes, their pricing can be different with time. Thus, our team will have no control over the price rate. However, the quotes, provided by the service partners, will have a validity for a particular period.

Why does the original quotation differ from the final one?

The initial one is the rough estimate of the interior design for your office, retail, home, recreation center and other sites. While you have chosen the materials, designs and furniture, there may be a modification to the quotation.

Why don’t you focus on my room or office’s square footage for the charge?

The room or office’s square footage does not help us in identifying the cost for your interior design. In some cases, we deal with the same. However, the minimum charge for these can be different based on the category of projects.

Let’s design together

Interior Designs Studio with its commitment to total customer satisfaction and strict adherence to completion and delivery schedules has an enviable clientele that includes housing, office, retail, corporate, healthcare, industrial, hospitality & recreation, and institutional. We contract in carpentry, POP, civil, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, and other disciplines are all offered as part of our services. We undertake and execute from concept to completion, all kinds of interior decoration projects of any size & time schedule.


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