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Well, there are times when everything doesn’t work out according to the plan. And we can understand that. In case, if you receive any defective or damaged product during the delivery, or it is not matching with the original specifications, Interior Designs Studio will refund your money. There are numerous options for a refund like:

  1. Replace or rectify the damaged commodity.
  2. We will switch the product with a new one. However, if the price of the new product is higher than the previous, you have to pay the extra sum of that money. Similarly, if the cost of the original product is lesser, you will get a refund of the extra money.
  3. Besides, you will get the credit scores in the account of your Interior Designs Studio.

To be precise, you will end up getting a brilliant product.

We will return your products if we find out the conditions are:

  1. All the products must be unused, and the original price tag and labels must be there.
  2. You must present the original invoice after the return of the merchandise.
  3. Our quality assurance team will verify the items within the 72 hours of your request. If it passes the assurance test of our standard quality, then only we will process the return.


  1. You cannot return or exchange the customised furniture that you buy from Interior Designs Studio.
  2. If any non-manufacturing defects and damages happen after buying the product, it will not fall under the process of replacements or return.
  3. Wardrobes and the modular kitchens are made-to-order. Thus, you cannot return them or exchange.

What is the process for requesting the return?

Well, you can write your concerns at office@interiordesigns.studio. You have to do it within the three days of the receipt.

What do you mean by 72-hour inspection policy?

This policy ensures the fact that there will be no delay. Once your notification goes to the Interior Designs Studio regarding a return, we will send one of our executives to visit your site. They will go and inspect the product. If they find out that the performance is applicable, they will process your request within 72 hours.

When to expect the replacement?

Once our executive finds out that your product is applicable for a replacement, they will process it immediately. However, the replacement time differs from product to product. Well, one of our executives of Interior Designs Studio will provide you with all the information regarding the replacement. Also, we will give our best to replace your product as soon as possible.

Delay penalty

What is the definition of delay penalty?

Well, it is a form of discount. The customers receive this discount when the handover takes more than 15 days of the expected time. You will get this date in the project schedule after raising the sales order.

What is the amount of penalty?

Once the committed move-in date crosses 15 days, it will be 0.1% of the project value. However, the maximum delay value cannot exceed 3% of the total project value.

Definition of Move-in

Well, you can consider a project to be ready to move-in when the significant portions of your project are functional. For instance, if the renovation of your office/ house is going on, and kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom (for residential) and office rooms, reception, cabins and bathrooms (for commercial) are useful, then it will be considered as ready to move-in.

How will I receive the delay penalty?

You will receive the delay penalty in your bank account. However, in this case, the 100% payment, as well as project handover has a considerable role to play.

What are the conditions where the delay penalties are not applicable?

  • If there are any changes or modification of design in the communication date of move-in to the customer. The changes consist of a change in the scope, reduction of scope, the addition of scope, changes in material, finishing changes, functional changes, aesthetic changes, or any other forms of changes. If these changes contribute towards the delay in procurement, manufacturing, and execution at the site.
  • If the customer handles the scope of work of the project, the duration of the customer’s scope of work will be taken under consideration. We will make it under review so that we can acknowledge the estimation of the move-in date. Well, we will calculate the duration, after admitting the total number of days the customer will take for its scope of work. In case, if the delay comes from the side of the customer’s scope of work, and or changes in schedule, we will re-estimate the move-in bill. Besides, we will start accounting the delay penalty from the revised date.
  • If there is delay during the accessing the site, and that eventually delays the execution by Interior Designs Studio.
  • If the access of the site is restricted, and that delays the execution by Interior Designs Studio.
  • If the uninterrupted and consistent water or power supply is unavailable during the execution phase, it will delay the process of execution.
  • If the customer is not paying or partially paying or delaying in paying according to the milestones, in this case, Interior Designs Studio will not take responsibility for the delay.
  • The delay penalty cause will not be applicable if the customer fails to get the approval of the local authority, prior to the execution of the project.
  • Interior Designs Studio will not be liable for the delay penalty if the delay in production or delivery involves with a third party. To be precise, if any brands other than Interior Designs Studio are involved.

Force majeure that consists of:

  • Any act of God that includes of natural disasters, fire, floods, typhoon, earthquake, landslides or cyclones.
  • Strike, riot, war, bandhs, lockouts, power failure, accidents, or the shortage of fuels.
  • If the central government, state government, or any other local authorities impose restrictions, delay penalty will not be applicable.
  • If the applicable law goes through any changes, Interior Designs Studio is not responsible.
  • Any uncertain supply shocks regarding the supply of raw materials, as well as accessories.
  • Any unforeseen shock to the supply of manpower.
  • Other unforeseen circumstances that is beyond the control of Interior designs studio.

These are some of the Force majeure, but they are not all.

If any Force majeure takes place, Interior Designs Studio will inform the customer about the delay within 72 hours after the Force majeure event(s). Besides, Interior Designs Studio will also notify you if they find out that such an even it about to happen.


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