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We have created this page to clarify the terms and conditions of the resellers or the parties, retailing various interior design products.

At Interior Designs Studio, Reseller works as the product retailers. Once you have engaged yourself as a reseller, you can terminate it with a written notice. The Reseller has the rights of using various marks, following the instructions and manuals for advertisement and promotion of the products. However, Reseller must not use any mark for other types of business.


The Reseller and its partners must not indirectly and directly permit and solicit contractors or affiliates to hire the services of any employee. Reseller has to acknowledge the fact that for any liability and obligations under our T&Cs. it can gain knowledge on the Intellectual Property Rights, trade secrets and confidential data. The Reseller can sell the products only under the mark and name designated by us.

Reseller- Payment rules and policies

After receiving any product order from the customers, the reseller can deal with the purchase order. There will be an automatic generation of order at our technological platform. The Reseller will get a copy on his request. He must also authorize the automatically generated orders. However, there is no need of any separate permission and other type of validation from Reseller. The product charges and invoice amount will be payable by Reseller within two weeks.


Our Terms and Conditions cover the GST, sales tax and other taxes, levied on the products, sold. We will charge the Reseller for the tax. Moreover, we will be responsible for the essential tax compliances and filings, related to the legislation rules. As one of the Resellers, you have to submit the GST documents and other related credentials. These credentials are important for generating the e-way bill in your favor. You have to agree to our Reseller T&Cs and give consent for using the above details for creating the bill, receipt, challan and invoice, related to the sale of various interior design products to the customers.

Other T&Cs

  • The Reseller will be liable to secure the governmental permits and licenses to perform various activities under the relevant law.
  • Use symbols or marks for selling and marketing the products, as per our notifications
  • The Reseller has to agree to the fact that it will operate its business in the most favorable way to reflect the goodwill. He must not take part in any deceptive and unethical activity, causing Product-related disparagement.
  • The Reseller should be faithful and loyal to his work for protection of everyone’s interest. We have made much investment for developing our brand impression, and the Reseller has to acknowledge it, as we need to protect this impression. He has to keep away from any activity, affecting our brand image negatively.
  • Our Reseller has no liability of offering any type of warranty to the Customers for a product, not approved by us.

Confidentiality of information

We can reveal the confidential data to the clients, consultants and employees.Before making the disclosure, there has to be a deal of our Reseller with the client, employees and consultants.

The Reseller must not take or copy the confidential data without the permission.

Although we have created these T&Cs, we may need to reveal the confidential data to the law court for the legal purpose, after getting a notice. The owner of the data has to permit this disclosure.

Damages and product returns

A Reseller can return the product within 3 days after receiving the receipt for that product. He can return the products while they do not fulfill the customers’ needs. The Reseller will also manage the injuries, caused by the products. He can outsource the task of product management to a different party by taking our consent.


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