CottageWooden serenity for sleep

Mid-century inspired, modern day bedrooms.

Your bedroom without any questions asked, any compromises made, and without any further discussion has to be that nook of your house which promises rest, peace, and tranquility. So, isn’t it absolutely crucial that you design something that is a stunner? Hand over that responsibility to Interior Designs Studio and watch the incredible transformation that we bring about. Here are a few classic examples of what we are trying to say through our work. Take a look at each image and you will see the level of efficiency, art, and sophistication it has taken to develop them. From the fascinating accent of wood for the ceiling, floor, and walls to the use of minimalist, classic furniture – everything just works wonderfully together. Our designers don’t step back from meeting specifications.

Feel the old-world charm ooze out from every nook and cranny of your bedroom:

The key to sweet dreams is a luxurious, comfy bed (not negotiable) but is that all you need? What about the amount of light that enters the room or the kind of free space that is available for you to move around? Have you given a thought about the kind of furniture that will find its place in your bedroom? Then, don’t worry for the best designers will be at work the moment you hire us. Amazing interior design projects don’t come to life in a day, does it? It takes a lot of effort, vision, and time to create something that is more than just habitable. Our immensely talented designers understand the complexities involved in creating the perfect bedroom and put their years of expertise, knowledge, and creativity to work every time they are handling new projects.

So, trust us with your most beloved space in the house and we won’t disappoint.

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Completed in 2017