CottageKitchenWooden kitchen solution

Make the most of our expert design, traditional skills, and bespoke furniture.

Kitchen – It is that place in your house where all the magic happens, doesn’t it? Regardless of your culinary skills, kitchen is that corner in every house that deserves some additional attention and a lot of effort while being design. This is a classic example of one of our design projects that brings to life the rustic beauty from mid-century. The fearless use of matte finish wood for the ceiling is a bold move that enhances the glory of the entire space. Take a look at the use of muted tone furniture to pair well with the theme of the kitchen and attached dining space.

Enjoy your meals in style:

The feeling that a house filled with laughter, music, amazing food, and creating memories have is unbeatable. And, the beginning of all this happens when you understand how to work your space and make everything come together. Our designers understand the value of transforming your space and bringing your vision to life. Everything that you see in this picture has been designed according to the vision of the client. Be it the massive, sturdy built, durable wooden table or the lavish chairs wrapped in classy upholstery. The unusual yet statement accessory hanging from the ceiling with hues of bronze and wood is another way of upgrading the look of the room. Every corner of the room is put to use to create a knockout kitchen.

This interior design project in Baddi is a great example as to what we have the potential to offer. From the very beginning we worked alongside the client to modify the look of the house and turn into a stunning sensation. Are you ready to enjoy your meals while devouring the glorious beauty of the interiors?

Organized & Natural
Space type:
Completed in 2017