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Adding the hues of white for interior designing.

Most of the homeowners love playing with colors while designing their home interiors. Interestingly, we have met a client, who love an all-white theme for interior design community projects. Our interior designers are always ready to accept the new challenges, and thus, this project has attracted our professionals to please the client in Hyderabad.

A cool, ivory-infused home can never go outdated. We have realized this truth and made the white space attention grabbing to every viewer. Truly, the white color is always the timeless charm, and it is different from various other color trends.

Every texture, we have chosen for the interior design has a touch of white color. Our special and thoughtful choice has added visual interest to the room. We have worked on various elements- wood, furs, marble and tiles. Furthermore, for each of these elements, we have focused on the white shade.

Managing the paint with the best shade of white

White has more than 50 shades, and we have picked the right ones to make the space more attractive. We have painted the wooden floors with the white paints. Moreover, our paints do not wear off with time. We have also chosen the white fabrics for the upholstered furniture. Although there is a risk of blemishes and spills, the white theme has given the utmost value to our clients’ home interior.

Wall arts for white room

There is one large room in our client’s house and the presence of white in the four walls make the room too much spacious. We have hanged some big sized wall art to cover at least two walls. While maintaining the white color for the furniture, we have played with different shapes. Our designers have installed rectangular tables with rounded edges. For some rooms, we have preferred wooden floors. The dark wooden finish goes best with white shades.

Thus, we have done the best for our clients. Our interior design fees for residential projects are reasonable, and you may easily hire us for your home’s interior.

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