CleanDesignMinimalWaiting room project

December 2, 2016by ids

A waiting room of a hospital is one of the most important sites to the patients. The patients need to wait for their doctor for minimum 20 to 30 minutes. Our team, at Interior Designs Studio, got clients from the healthcare sector. Our clients had asked us to create a positive and pleasing atmosphere in the waiting room. It was one of our top interior design projects in Hyderabad, and we had strived most to present the best outcome.

We have stimulated better feelings

Our redesigned waiting room has made the patients feel that the healthcare center is always concerned of their comfort. Our highly skilful and confident interior designers have made a significant transformation of the space.

We know that patients of different ages may have various physical problems. At every moment, they always look for comfort. To provide this comfort, we have installed chairs with armrests. We have also ensured the availability of wheelchairs in the room. Surely, we have done these things without disrupting the everyday operations of the hospital.

Adding technology to the waiting room

Our interior designers have also integrated technology to make the waiting room more sophisticated. We have installed a digital screen that displays the number of patients in queue. It lets the patients know how long they have to wait to consult with the doctor.

We have done something more to give the best sensation to the patients at the healthcare center in Hyderabad. We have integrated the right ventilation and air purification system. Polluted air affects the health of patients. That is why we have taken this step for one of these recent interior design projects.

Overall, we have designed the waiting space in a budget-friendly way. We have also configured the elements, already present in the room.

Space type:
Hospital Waiting Room