IndustryOfficeProper worker space

Custom workspace, designed by the skillful interior designers.

It is now a trend to set up a home office in the residence. As one of the best interior designers, we have also found an opportunity of designing the home office perfectly. With the right choice of furniture various architecture elements, we have presented our clients a proper workspace. Our clients are now thankful to our designers for using the space to develop the best settings.

Have fun with color in the workspace

We know that a flawlessly designed workspace can invigorate a worker’s mind. That is why we have made the utmost efforts to make the place more welcoming and inviting. We have chosen yellow for the wall color. This hue makes one feel something as the bright natural sunshine. The employee or employer would never feel gloomy due to this shiny color.

After making the right color coordination, we have focused our attention on the wall panel. We have installed a wooden wall panel for separating the worker space for other rooms. However, it is not a solid colored panel. We have chosen patterns for the panel, as we have created a backdrop with it. The wooden slot also corresponds perfectly to the desk and other furnishings of the room. With this panel, we have made the room soundproof. The acoustic panel would enable the worker to stay engaged in the professional world throughout a day.

Lights reflecting a style

For the ample illumination in the workspace, we have fitted the pendant lights. From any side of the room, the worker may easily get the light for his everyday office work. Instead of a sofa, we have installed a cozy lounge chair. Inspired with the modern décor, we have presented our clients with a unique sophistication.

This was one of the interesting interior design projects in India, and our team, at Interior Designs Studio, have accomplished it.

Nature & Minimal
Design, Production
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Completed in 2017