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Redesigning the office room to inspire every employee.

An office atmosphere and settings can affect the productivity of employees. One of our clients in Bangalore has realized this fact. There was something wrong with the performance and concentration of the employees. The office owner has approached us for redesigning the office for solving the problem.

As we are one of the dedicated office interior designers, our focus is not only on the aesthetics but also on the company values of our clients. Due to the special effort, our designers have been successful in one of these corporate interior design projects in the city of Bangalore.

Color schemes and different other aspects

While picking the color combination for the office space, we have incorporated the colors of our clients’ brands. We know that color can affect the employees’ psychology positively or negatively. Thus, we have taken some time to find the best color.

To outline different spaces, we have installed rugs. Although some rooms are small, we have still added rugs. These rugs have provided the rooms with unique accents. At the same time, to make the office room look bigger, we have installed mirrors. The workspace has now become more inviting to the employees and guests.

Decorating the rooms with furnishings

Now, the most important part of our interior designing job. We have removed the old chairs and coaches to add the more ergonomic and comfortable ones. However, we have configured the position of few furniture pieces instead of replacing them.

What makes our team unique is our attention to every detail. We have installed a new stylish trash basket that does not affect the beauty of the room. Thus, to maintain the office aesthetics of our clients, we have taken the right steps for interior design commercial projects in Bangalore.

Space type:
Completed in 2016