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A simple twist to the furniture layout can transform the overall ambiance and look of the room. However, it is also tough to place the new furniture sets at the right site. The wrong furniture placement is really one of the scary issues. That is why one of our clients in Hyderabad has called us to arrange their newly bought furniture. Although he has bought modern, stylish furniture sets, he is highly reliant on us to arrange them properly. Our team has applied the right principles to configure the furniture for one of these best interior design projects.

Hexagon chair

Our interior designers have started their work by focusing on the room size of our client. It was an average size room- not much large, not too small. However, we have not placed the furniture fully against the walls. We have left a small gap between the furniture and wall.
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Blue serenity

We have focused not only on the aesthetics but also on the convenience of the homeowners. We have positioned the chair and sofas in a way that never prevents face-to-face conversation among people.

Our designers have never overlooked the need of maintaining a balance. While arranging the furniture, we have checked out the size of every piece. We have not closely placed all the small or large furniture pieces in a particular spot. Creating a proportionate look is one of our major aims. Thus, we have paid attention to the furniture shapes and size for appropriate placement.

White sofa

Finally, we have ensured that our furniture arrangement has not affected the flow of traffic. Our designers have left a space between the sofa and coffee table. The clear path would not restrict one’s movement. We have gained the praise from our clients for one of these award-winning interior design projects.
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Completed in 2019