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Affordable, cheap, and delightful pieces of modern furniture suitable for your home.

A home is all about the beauty it reflects, its bold personality, stunning character, and a series of choices that one makes to keep everything pretty, functional, and habitable. Take a look at the overpowering yet subtle, beautiful yet bold, and functional yet trendy pieces of furniture that Interior Designs Studio has in store for you. Our team of excellent designers will be by your side constantly to help you choose furniture that is simply mind blowing. We specialize in customized pieces of furniture based on the needs of modern family along with the d├ęcor of your interiors.


  • Clean, sleek design
  • Glorifying contemporary appeal
  • Easy to fit into every mid-century modern home
  • Sturdy built
  • Durability
  • Premium quality material
  • Use of subtle hues

Modern or classic? Luxurious armchairs or sleek accent chairs? We have it all.

An attractive loving space showcases exactly who you are or what your personality is all about. Whether you are in search for that perfect chair that will bring about the relaxed look sitting rooms ought to have then you will not go wrong with the white wooden chair. Its contemporary design can function as an additional dining chair to office chair and can also be placed in the kids’ room. When you consider the wooden stand, angled lamp with a white shade then you will find that exact corner where you can fit it in. From reading to decorative purposes, it won’t fail you. A spacious annexed or cozy snug, the sofa, coffee tables, chairs, or accessories will be able to add more style and sophistication than you can imagine. Choose what defines your home the best and you will see how it enhances your level of comfort while working wonders for the home.

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