CleanMinimalMinimal kitchen project

What does the minimalist décor mean to a homeowner? Some of think that it lacks character, while most others always prefer it for their modern house. We have met one of our clients, who are in need of minimalism in his kitchen décor. At Interior Designs Studio, our team of designers have accomplished the kitcheninterior design projects in Hyderabad. As we have already dealt with various color schemes and themes, we have found no issue in designing that kitchen. With our efforts and skills, we have presented our clients with a refined, sleek and sophisticated look for the kitchen.

Monochromatic with a distinguished color

Our client has asked us to prefer monochromatic colors for his kitchens’ interior. To add high interest and depth to the kitchen room, we have chosen light navy. While maintaining the monochromatic trends, we have applied something innovative. The matte color has made the room look beautiful.

Our designers have aimed at creating the best fashion statement. That is why we have chosen stunning materials for kitchen countertop. The marble countertop has made the kitchen more aesthetic. As this countertop is one of the major architectural elements, we have given a very high focus on this part.

Lighting for the kitchen

Our client’s kitchen does not lack the access of natural sunlight. However, we have paid attention to the artificial lighting, essential to the homeowners for cooking at night. To give a royal touch, we have installed a chandelier. This chandelier illuminates the kitchen from ceiling to the floor.

Adding the artistic elements

What’s more, we have added two wall arts, based on the kitchen theme. Although we have installed the cabinet and open shelves, there are some blank spaces in the kitchen. These are what we have done for our client’s minimalist kitchen.

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Completed in 2018