CleanDesignMinimalMinimal interior design project

A thoughtful transformation of the living room to nurture minimalism.

Minimalism has won the heart of most of the homeowners, and this is also applicable to the interior design world. Lots of our clients ask us to stick to minimalism. Now, we are going to tell you about one of these interior design decoration projects.

Clean lines, uncluttered, simplicity and reductive- these are the major factors, important to us. While confronting with the minimalist interior, we have combined beauty and serenity. Our well-versed interior designers have also worked with architects to present the best outcome to one of our clients in Hyderabad.

Incorporating minimalism in every way

From the open floor layout to the simple furnishings, everything has gained our attention. Our comfortable and well-built furnishings have made the space inviting, soothing and timeless aesthetic. While decorating the room, we have placed the purposeful furniture, including the tables and chairs.

Our designers mostly deal with the basic elements. Still, their major focus is on the minimalism and that’s why they have taken a creative approach. By choosing the right materials and beautiful lighting, we have made an attractive alignment.

To maintain a cool and discreet atmosphere of the kitchen, we have prioritized storage units. We have fitted an open shelf for displaying the visually appealing elements.

We have organized different elements

Minimalism always refers to an order. We have maintained this order while applying the best color to the walls. Our interior designers have applied colors in a way that prevents inconsistency and visual clutter. Moreover, to develop the best minimalist interior, we have left some empty space to make the room airy. Free corners and clean walls have reflected the touch of minimalism. From the storage units to the seating arrangements, we have simplified everything to accomplish one of the award-winning interior design projects in India.

Minimal & Clean
Design, Production
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Completed in 2017