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Designing the living room interiors with the sleek and stylish furniture.

Living room is a place, where we gather, play and laugh with our dear ones. Truly, this room is the focal point or the major point of a house. How do you feel when your living room design is messy and unattractive? We know your feelings, and thus, we have worked for one of our clients in Pune to design his living room. We have turned an ordinary living room into a paradise. Moreover, with our creativity, we have added a touch of modernism to this room. Let us give you brief details on one of the living room interior design projects in Ahmedabad.

Innovativeness in the fully stylish living room design

We have created a futuristic design for the living room of our client. The cozy L-shaped couch, placed in the room, is the best thing of attraction to the homeowner and his guests. We have focused highly on the wooden furniture sets for the living room. The wooden coffee table with storage systems has a glossy, polished surface. For every furniture piece, we have chosen walnut finish. It has created a balanced look for the room’s interior. While maintaining a retro-inspired ambiance in the room, we have evoked the modernism.

Pop of colors for the super-chic living room

To splash some bright colors to the room, we have installed a multi-colored rug on the floor. We have made an effort to bring nature to the room. Hence, our designers have installed some pot plants near the window of the living room. In addition, the grey linen furnishings in the space. Our designers, at Interior Designs Studio, have also placed a laddered bookcase to add functionality and aesthetics to the room.

Our interior design projects ideas have helped us to win compliments.

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