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Living room with a classic interior design to welcome the guests.

It seems to be much tough to design the small living room of a house. Still, we are highly skilled interior designers to manage one of the best interior design projects for a small living room. For this room, we have maintained a classic look. Surely, we have done it by blending the modern elements, reflecting the artistry and elegance. Our designers have used the innovative materials and colors for creating the superb décor.

Maintaining the symmetry in the room

As it is a small apartment in Chennai, we have kept up the right symmetry to provide the room with a classic touch. Still, we believe that lack of space never means limitations to the style. Our designers have curated the room design with the creative thoughts. We have adorned every room with the perfectly designed furniture and other architectural components.

To save the space of the living room, we have asked our clients to buy multi-functional pieces of furniture. We have installed two stools, which can work as a decorative piece and a surface for placing coffee mugs or books. Moreover, for our clients’ living room, we have placed a sofa and a chic style leather-sling chair. For better comfort, our clients can use the chair.

Saving the space of the room

Our designers have chosen a TV unit, which works as a table surface. Thus, our clients can get some space for organizing their essential items or collectibles. To add beauty to the room, we have fitted a small sized chandelier that illuminates the room with its bright rays.

Although it is a small room, we have made the right effort for creating a royal look. As our clients prefer conventional style, we have installed an oriental rug in the living room. Thus, the classic living room gets a fresh ambience.

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