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Renovating and redesigning an industrial kitchen to create an eclectic feel.

An industrial kitchen always looks different from the residential ones in terms of architectural elements and overall settings. Without the right configuration of the architectural setup, a kitchen never reflects an industrial style. Our team, at Interior Designs Studio, is proud at undertaking one of these interior design commercial projects in Hyderabad. We have blended the industrial elements with contemporary aesthetics. That is what makes our kitchen interior design unique and attractive.

Using colors to control one’s psychology

We have given high priority to the color or shades, applied to the walls. We know that color affects our feelings of appetite. As it is an industrial kitchen, we have chosen a color that stimulates appetite of the customers.

We have consulted with our clients to start the furniture arrangement. Our designers have thoughtfully chosen the best furniture pieces that combine metal with wood. Simultaneously, we have ensured the sturdiness of the furniture. Our furniture setup in the industrial kitchen has helped our clients to get compliments from the customers.

Adding utility to the kitchen space

As our clients have a spacious industrial kitchen, we find it easy to install a sink. For regular washing and cooking purpose, we have chosen a beautiful sink with sleek, brushed metal kitchen faucet.

Another focus of our designers is on the lighting fixtures, and we have made a modern update for these fixtures. While sticking to modernism, we have still touched the vintage style, based on our clients’ taste. With warm lighting, the industrial kitchen in Hyderabad now looks wonderful.

Our designers have concentrated on every detail. We make sure that there’s ample space between the kitchen island and the kitchen counters. We have chosen the quality raw materials for countertops and cabinets.

Hence, we have applied our innovative interior design projects ideas for transforming the industrial kitchen.

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Completed in 2017

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