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Are you excited about finally coming across the one stop destination for every customized solution your house, apartment, or cottage is in need of? Every form of unique and impressive d├ęcor that your cottage demands is available with us at Interior Designs Studio. Our team of designers not only promise but deliver the expected results and that is what separates us from the rest. We want you to go back in time and think about the magnificence that the mid-century designs held. The opulence with which every piece of furniture was created has finally been brought to life again. The designs that are showcased in front of you project luxury features that everyone will want in their home.

The bold use of shades, presence of superlative details, maintaining balance and symmetry, not to mention living space infused with an unbeatable sense of style, sophistication, and charm. All of these are the must possess hallmarks of every architectural and interior design projects that we handle. The use of handcrafted artisan finishes, and precious, premium quality material further glorifies the beautiful simplicity that our designers try to achieve. One good look at our award-winning interior design projects in India and you will be blown away. The uniqueness of the floor lamp with moleskin shade and a rustic wooden stand, the incredible complex design of the lanterns hanging from the ceiling, or the splendor of the comfortable leather armchairs. There isn’t a single piece of furniture or accessory that you will not want in the picture for it holds together the harmonious symphony of the room.

We create true design for every living space:

Every reason that has made you procrastinate when it comes to renovating your home can now be forgotten. Interior Designs Studio is here to refine your cottage and space.

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Completed in 2017