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The hues of modernization, uniqueness of contemporary style, and outstanding fresh trends.

Everyone wishes to live in a house that differs from others in several ways. Not only do they want it to be uniquely fascinating but also showcase features that one doesn’t come across on a regular basis. From the varying hues of shades, textures, and styles to the use of beautiful furniture – everything works fantastically well for this decor. The project that you see in front of you is another interior design project ideas which has been a massive success in Kolkata, India. The entire project was based on redesigning an ancestral family home into something that is totally out of the box. Who would have guessed that once a family home which was all about brooding colors, outdated furniture, and lack of creativity is now brimming with everything sleek, modern, and sophisticated?

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Where do we start? Is it the pretty blue color on the wall that captures our attention or is it the use of neutral hue pieces of furniture? The presence of three varying colors of lamps hanging from the ceiling gives the room a sense of strong character. One can’t overlook the freshness and dash of life that is added with the presence of a plant in a stunning, handcrafted vase. Everything about this luxury interior design project points out how amazing the work done here is.

If you have always hoped for a space right in your own home where you can bury your head in work, or spend your time reading then there is finally a corner devoted to that. Check out the unusual shelves, comfortable, sleek chair, and rustic yet mid-century modern table. The freshness to the room is added by the colorful bean bag.

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