CottageWoodenCottage home living project

A contemporary, clean, and classic interior is something that is on the must have list of every millennial. Today residences are all about capturing the essence of a beautiful home while not giving up on the magnificence of modernization. That is why Interior Designs Studio, puts together everything you have been seeking to create a flawless space for you and your loved ones.

The award-winning interior design projects are all one of a kind, however, there is never a wrong time in presenting us with your ideas, opinions, and views. Our designers will do everything in their might to make it happen.

Redesign the room and recreate the beauty with the right furniture combinations.
Living room
Accentuate the rustic look of cottage with the striking architectural elements.
Rejuvenate your bedroom design with the soft furnishings and right color schemes.

A Contemporary Style Haven:

We, at Interior Designs Studio aim at delivering whatever it is the client has in mind. Your vision as to how your home should transform into matters the most to us. Take a look at this gorgeous home in Bangalore, India that we designed. Isn’t it a stunner? The use of multiple windows to bring the outside world into focus while you’re sipping on your daily cup of joe. Is there a view better than this? The use of multiple, easy to use cabinets of varying sizes can hold all your kitchen appliances without any problem. Our designers love to pay attention to details which when seen as a whole picture enhances the beauty of the whole room. From the presence of stunning blue dining chairs to the touch of matte finish wood on the walls, the presence of high-rise chairs, and not overcrowding the space with an introduction of excessive furniture has worked well together. But that doesn’t mean we will overlook the sleek lamps dangling from the ceiling giving the room a sense of character.

We can proudly say this living room displays efficiency and effortless charm.

Minimal & Wooden
Design, Advicing
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Completed in 2015