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December 10, 2016by ids

A living room design reflects one’s taste, personality and lifestyle. Some of us believe that minimalist living room always means white, gleaming interiors with one or two artworks. However, we have tried to go beyond the conventional beliefs. Known for best interior designing skills, our designers have found a chance of decorating a client’s living room with a focus on minimalism. It was one of the apartment interior design projects in Hyderabad and we had done our best to prove our skills.

Based on our client’s preference, we had adjusted our mindset and started working on the project. We had handled every object in the living space to prevent mess. Our professionals had also removed few items, causing distraction to a person’s view. They analyzed every detail through objective and unfiltered lens.

An approach to clear the space

There were stacks of bills, papers and magazines, left on the living room. To store them and organize them, we had placed an attractive basket. As we had kept those items out of sight, it made the room look more spacious.

Living room ensuring peace and purpose

Our designers had created a unified design for the living room. From the small vase to the cozy cushioned couch, we had installed on every piece of furniture. We had chosen ultra-contemporary furniture for the living space. The modern furniture set looks stylish to match the interior décor. With beautiful, intricately patterned rug, the living room floor design also became amazing.

By managing the furniture, doodads, knick-knacks and artworks in the living room, we had made it the best place for retreat. Now, our client has chosen this room as the right site for lounging, snoozing and socializing. It reveals our success in our of our interior design turnkey projects in Hyderabad.

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Completed in 2015