CleanDesignMinimalBlack & white kitchen

Take the sophistication to a different height with monochrmoatic kitchen.

Black and white color combination reminds us of the conventinality. Some of us think of avoiding it for interior space. Interestingly, one of our clients has taken the bold step of designing his home interiors with this color scheme. Based on our client’s preference, we have started one of these architectural and interior design projects in Bangalore. While sticking to the black-white theme, we have followed the latest interior design trends. We have created an impeccable visual statement in our client’s kitchen.

Our interior designers have been highly interested to develop the monochromatic palette with the best touches to the right spot.

Perfect splash of black and white shades

We never think that a black and white kitchen should only be about the white and dark black color. Hence, to reflect our creativity, we have given some touches of grey and yellow colors. Still, we have not overlooked the most dominant colors- white and black. To make the dark color look more elegant, we have chosen white as the accent color.

For various accessories in your kitchen, we have applied the softer finish. As our client’s kitchen has a dining table, we have chosen white metal chairs. Now, for the tabletop, we have preferred the black glossy surface.

Bold touches to the kitchen walls

We have also redesigned the kitchen walls. Our designers have created a contrast by blending the black and dark red tiles. Similarly, for the cabinets, we have made a contrast of black and white. We have installed the glass door cabinet to let the homeowner display some glassware and kitchenware.

By applying timeless shades of white and black, our designers are now successful in one of the best interior design projects in Bangalore. We have added glamour to the small residential kitchen.

Clean & Minimal
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Completed in 2017