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Bedroom interior design by configuring the furniture.
ready made furniture
ready made furniture
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It is always essential to create a comfort zone in every bedroom. This comfort comes from what furniture you have chosen. There is no need to buy several pieces of furniture for adding value to the bedroom. For a clutter-free look, we have applied some tricks. One of our clients has called our team for designing the bedroom interior by rearranging the furniture. We have earned fame for these amazing interior design projects.

Choosing the bed for bedroom

As it is a spacious bedroom, we have given a royal touch by choosing the modern King-size bed. The intricately designed headboards, ornamental accents and footboards- everything has made the bed much attractive. What’s more, the headboards have drawers, and in this way, we have saved the space, needed for storage. We have placed the bed at the corner of the room to reflect a romantic feel.

We have placed some accent pieces in the spacious big bedroom. As the bed has also the storage space beneath it, we have found a way of storing the quilts and blankets. In adjacent to a big window, we have placed two chairs and a small table.

Our clients prefer installing a dressing table with a mirror. We have chosen a model with trifold mirror. There was also much space to organize the dressing items and cosmetics.

Other furnishings for storage

As our clients need to store their precious jewels in their bedroom, we have installed a chest with innovative locking system. The design and style of the chest match the décor of the bedroom interiors. This chest helps our clients to keep their assets secure all the time. The big chest also works as their wardrobe.

Our team of designers have focused on various factors for the furniture layout. With the wooden furniture pieces, we have created a beautiful bedroom design for one of the home interior design projects in Chennai.

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Completed in 2018