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Creating a cozier bathroom for a small residence.

A bathroom is one of the often-overlooked spaces in most of the houses. However, to an interior designer, a bathroom gets high attention to every detail. With the special art and technique of transforming the bathroom, our interior designers have assumed one of the bathroom interior design decorating projects. We have applied our knowledge of technicalities and accomplished the job within few hours. By combining technology with beauty, our designers have created a lasting impression in the bathroom.

Using the sturdy materials for bathroom design

Our client in Chennai has an average sized bathroom. Still, we have done our best for making the bathroom highly functional. What we have installed are stainless-steel shower head, quality tub and ceramic tiles on the floors and walls. The solid materials have ensured the integrity to the design and shape of the bathroom. One custom-carved washbasin has also increased the usability value of the washroom. Moreover, the tiled backdrop has made the bathroom look attractive.

Storage systems in the bathroom

For the storage purpose, we have installed the fashionable floating shelves. We have eliminated bigger furniture pieces and chosen the right sized furniture. We have also focused on the color schemes for the bathroom.

As the bathroom size is not much big, we have focused more on the functionality. At the same time, we have dealt with the modern design elements. We have saved the counter space with the storage of personal items. Moreover, we have installed stackable baskets beneath the cabinets.

We have consulted with the best painters to choose the right color palette for our client’s bathroom. We have picked the colors that reflect the cleanliness. Our designers have also fitted stylish lightings for the bathroom. We have achieved success in one of these well-known interior design projects.

Design and analysis
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Completed in 2018