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Why should I become one of the design partners at Interior Designs Studio?

Interior Designs Studio has created a big community, providing various opportunities to the freelance home and commercial space interior designers. Thus, you can turn out to be an entrepreneur in the field of interior design. You may be specialized in designing the interiors of home, commercial space, office, retail, hotel, healthcare center and recreation center. Surely, you will get a chance of working with us. You have a freedom on choosing the number of interior projects, on which you have to work. With 2 to 3 years’ experience, you may join us.

Should I attend your interior design training program?

Yes, it is must for all our new partners. The training helps you in knowing our policies and processes. Moreover, it enables you in representing our brand. Interior Designs Studio is highly reliant on the technologies. That is why you must go through training for learning these technologies.

How will I become your partner?

Visit our website and enter the right details to inform us about your desire to be an interior design partner.

Will I have an interview to be qualified as an interior designer?

For the successful enrollment as a design partner, we take a test. A brief interview session will help us to find out your qualities. We may question you to check your knowledge on the interior designs of living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, retail and other commercial space including healthcare, industrial, hospitality & recreation, and institutional spaces.

How does Interior Designs Studio earn money?

It is easy. By offering the interior design service to more clients, we earn more. We have online tools, installation partners and catalogue to make the interior design process faster.

Do you filter the leads?

We have marketing tools for verifying the leads. For instance, while the lead is not in our serviceable city, our tools automatically disqualify it.

How will I get help from your community manager?

He will help with everything, including training, moral assistance and payment.

For how many clients can I work?

There is no limit to it. The community manager will provide you with new leads. You may start pitching those clients. Based on your capability of managing various interior design assignments, you can make your decision.

What is the structure of commission and incentives?

The structure may be variable and stable. The variable incentive is related to your ability to please the clients within a short time. However, the overall amount that you would earn has a relation to the value of a project order.

How will you send my payment?

Our team will send the commission payouts through NEFT.

Will I get any design-related help from Interior Designs Studio?

Yes, our design assistants assist you to visualize and validate various modular products.

Can I take several interior design assignments at a time?

You may check out your skills and ability and take up lots of assignments simultaneously. Some of our design partners work on 5 to 6 assignments at a time.

Will I need to monitor the on-site interior design work every day?

Regular visit is not essential. However, you can make a scheduled visit to the site. You have to check out the status of the design work. Interior Designs Studio may also appoint a supervisor for you. You have to get the feedback of your clients.

Can I recommend any installation contractors to deal with my interior design projects?

Yes, you can do that. However, they always have to be of the highest standard.


Let’s design together

Interior Designs Studio with its commitment to total customer satisfaction and strict adherence to completion and delivery schedules has an enviable clientele that includes housing, office, retail, corporate, healthcare, industrial, hospitality & recreation, and institutional. We contract in carpentry, POP, civil, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, and other disciplines are all offered as part of our services. We undertake and execute from concept to completion, all kinds of interior decoration projects of any size & time schedule.


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