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How much time do you take to respond to my queries?

You will get the response within a day.Then, you may start communicating with us clearly.

What do you do after receiving my queries?

After you have sent an information on any issue, our design consultant at our platform gets message. He will make an analysis and then our customer representative will call you. He will manage your problem directly. However, our senior management professionals will also cooperate with him. You will have the details from our customer representatives.

How much time it takes for solving the problem?

We take the shortest time for the final solution. Still, the average time, needed to solve the issue may vary. For the complicated issues, we need more time for the right solution.

From where will I have the response for my issue?

While you have submitted your issue, you can track its status. The conversations are also viewable. In addition, you will get updates in your account.

What will I do when I am not pleased with the decision of the representative?

You may send a request for reopening your issue. You can do it with our conversation tracking system. You can make efforts for generating a new issue.

Is there a different way for raising my queries?

You may have access to your account for submitting the issue. Another option for you is to send us an email or make us a phone call.


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