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November 3, 2019by ids
office design

Modern offices are now being designed with more emphasis on aesthetics and employee experience rather than functionality and headcount. This has given office interior designers the opportunity to explore and experiment more in the workspace region. Unlike traditional offices which featured a cookie-cutter office design that involved cubicles for employees, the modern office design embraces open spaces, appreciates, individual space and encourages employer-employee bonding.

Offices are beginning to make lots of changes that positively impact the employees. From picking the right colours for walls and furnishings to adding bicycle stands and improving the quality of tea and coffee served in the office. Since office timings are being stretched to late hours and many offices have already started operating round the clock, it is important that we keep employee experience as the main focus in designing any kind of office interior.

We have been actively pursuing such experiential designs in many of the new offices that we have designed or renovated. This is especially the case for IT hubs and other businesses where employees are self-driven when it comes to meeting goals and achieving their performance. A lot of effort is being put into transforming offices in a way that interiors are carefully designed according to the needs and wants of employees.

Places that were otherwise overlooked like the kitchenette, the cafeteria and even office washrooms are beginning to be included in the designing process since employee experience is shaped not just by the main office but by the employee experience in these areas too. Things that would have earlier seemed unusual for an office like climbing walls and music rooms are now being included to offer employees a comfortable place to work.

Does your office invest in employee experience? Let us know how it affected the quality of work, business productivity and attrition rates in your office.