DesignInteriorOfficeTransform your office cafe to energize your employees

October 28, 2019by ids
office café design

Food breaks are as important in the office as lunch breaks were in school. Not only do you get the chance to eat but also to socialize and break the monotony of work. Modern offices are becoming more aware of the importance of promoting an energizing office cafeteria environment. By providing your employees the opportunity to refuel themselves, socialize comfortably or readjust their focus on a project, you help the company thrive and become more successful.

A few things that architects have begun to focus on while designing office cafeterias are:

• Natural light and outdoor eating
Natural light helps you create an energetic environment in the office cafeteria. Daylight also, automatically improves brain focus and reduces lethargy. We have been designing offices with not only big windows for natural light but also with outdoor eating areas that can be used by employees to enjoy some Vitamin D.

• A design that allows you to eat and work
Now that technology allows employees to work from anywhere, many of them may end up bringing their laptops or tablets to the office cafeteria too. Some may even discuss a project in a group over a cup of coffee. Not only does it support better brainstorming, but by providing your employees with the ability to comfortably choose their working space helps them get more creative with their work.

• Special zones for your employees
A number of employees like a quiet zone where they can work undisturbed. This is why many office owners have been creating quiet nooks in office cafeterias ideal for employees who need individual space for focus.

Most of these solutions work best in offices where employees are self-motivated and do not have to be constantly supervised. Office environments where the workforce goes through extensive supervision may find that such cafeterias are used to break away or procrastinate from work.