DesignInteriorOffice4 important things to remember when designing an office reception area

October 28, 2019by ids
office reception area

Your office entrance makes the first impression and your office reception area ensures that a good first impression does not change. Whether it is a prospective client or an employee, by making a statement through your lobby design, you can build up or bring down your brand reputation. This is why big brands want to invest in good looking lobby or reception areas. Here are a few things that work well in modern offices:

1. Make an impact
A statement piece or a beautiful painting behind the reception desk works well. A beautiful chandelier can also work well for the office reception. It should be well-lit and clean. The reception area represents your brand and brand values. This is why the design should embody the same.

2. Use branding – but don’t get carried away with brand colours
While branding is important, many business owners find it fit to use the brand colours on almost everything, including stationery, desks, lights, walls and other furnishings. This takes it too far and may become too much of a distraction. Sometimes, using brand colours can also reduce overall elegance of a good reception area.

3. Good seating will make a big difference
Comfortable seating is very important, but you would want your guests to upright. This is why plush sofas are not good for the reception areas. It can also cause problems for women wearing a dress or skirt. Instead, pick furniture that uses warm colours and has a welcoming look. Consider how many people would the reception attend to on a busy day and use this as a number for the number of chairs or the kind of seating arrangement you design.

4. Reduce clutter
Office reception areas must improve focus and should give your clients, vendors and employees a clean and polished image of the brand. Cluttered reception areas are distracting and do not build a positive rand image.