CommercialInteriorOfficeYour guide to choosing colours for your office space

October 22, 2019by ids
office space colours

Office space colours make a big difference in the overall outlook and moods it sets for work. This is why business owners put a lot of emphasis on choosing the right colours right from the start. Having worked with a lot of clients, our team of interior designers have studied colours extensively to understand the impact they can have on different office environments. Here are some of the prominently used coloured in offices and the effects they have on the environment and your moods:

1. Blue – Blue is considered to be an excellent colour for office spaces which require employees to stay focused on need greater mental strain. Since colours affect the energy and comfort level of a workspace, pick light blue palettes for comfort and use dark blue only to highlight a space or for accents in the workspace.

2. Yellow – Known as the colour that stimulates positivity, yellow is good for office spaces where you want to encourage creativity and enthusiasm. Light yellows are soothing while bright yellows are good for stimulating creative energies in the employees. Yellow, however, can also distract the people too much, so be careful with the use of yellow throughout the office.

3. Green – Green is known to be gentle for the eyes. It fights eye fatigue and is advisable for offices where your employees have to look at the computer screen for long hours.

4. Red – An invigorating colour, red, is only good for specific areas in the office. Too much of red can be damaging for your office. We usually balance red with muted colours.

5. Orange – Just like yellow, orange is good for increasing enthusiasm and making your office look more eye-catching. Orange also goes well with other colours allowing you to create a fun and positive environment for the office.

The intensity of the colours will make a difference on the impact it has. Deep colours usually have a higher impact while lighter colours are soothing.