DesignFurnitureInteriorResidentialEntirely stainless steel kitchens are losing appeal

October 21, 2019by ids
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Stainless steel remains the preferred choice for appliances and even kitchen faucets and light fixtures, but the all-prevailing stainless steel design is slowly losing appeal. Homeowners are willing to try mixing more than one material and different metals. Industrial style kitchens are noticing the use of cement and black stainless steel for a bold look. Many homes are even beginning to use matte finishes on stainless steel appliances and countertops for a less shiny look.
As the world slowly makes its way to 2020, we are beginning to experience huge transformations in kitchen space. Indian homes have started exploring more options when it comes to modular kitchen designs. Open shelves sit alongside closed cabinets and an island kitchen includes high chairs for people to enjoy a meal in the kitchen.

With open kitchens coming into fashion, glossy finishes seem to be too difficult to match the rest of the room décor. On the other hand, matte finishes and the use of other materials along with stainless steel appliances seems to be the solution for homeowners.

The idea is to keep the kitchen low-maintenance by using materials which can be easily cleaned and at the same time match the design and décor of the rest of the house. Stainless steel doesn’t fit perfectly in most of the other rooms of the house. This is why designers and homeowners have started limiting the use of stainless steel to kitchen appliances, light fixtures, and faucets. You can extend the stainless steel design to planters, cabinet handles and the kitchen door knob but an open kitchen may not find stainless steel countertops and cabinetry to fit in.

There are few design elements which fit perfectly in an entirely stainless steel kitchen. This may also be a reason why people do not feel the need to avoid complete stainless steel designs.