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October 20, 2019by ids
stainless steel kitchen

Maintaining a stainless steel kitchen is relatively easy. If you regularly wipe the stainless steel surfaces clean, then this is most of the maintenance work that it will need. But over a period of time, you will have to check for dents and scratches. If you have limited the kitchen’s stainless design to stainless steel appliances only then you may have to look for care instructions in the manual for these appliances. But if your kitchen design has stainless steel used in counter tops and cabinetry too then you can follow these basics for cleaning stainless steel kitchens:

1. Avoid water spots – These spots can get unsightly if you do not remove them before they dry up. Water spots can stay for a long time if you do not wipe them away in time. It is best to quickly clean the surface after cooking. This will avoid water spots to stain the surface. Fingerprints and water spots can be cleaned with the help of glass cleaners.

2. Don’t allow water to pool in any of the stainless steel surfaces – If water stays on stainless steel surfaces for a long time then depending on the quality of the steel, you may begin to notice the formation of rust and corrosion. Don’t put plates in the cabinets until they are completely dried. Avoid putting back jars that can form wet rings on the surface.

3. Be careful when cleaning debris which can scratch the surface – Salt, sand, dirt and other coarse materials can scratch the stainless steel surface. While it may not be very noticeable after sometime, regular scratches can dull the surface. Bigger dents and lots of scratches may need professional services.

4. Use professional help to remove rust – If you find rust in any of the stainless steel kitchen surfaces, you must get professional help immediately because rust tends to spread and it can quickly corrode the surface.