InteriorOfficeSeating arrangements in offices are becoming more employee friendly

October 18, 2019by ids

Gone are the days when every employee was assigned a specific seat or workstation in the office and their workstation would change only with a promotion or change in their job profile. Most humans hate monotony and this constancy of their seating arrangement ends up impacting their work and efficiency. If a person ends up getting a workstation that they do not like, then their work will be impacted because of their negative feeling about the place they work in.

Our interior designers have been working closely with several office owners who have rightly identified these problems in their offices and would like to make their seating arrangements more flexible for employees. Offices using Wi-Fi systems and laptops will not have to worry about fixing computers on the workstation for their employees. As a result, the interior design of many new offices is far from the network of cubicles that was preferred a decade ago.

Offices are now leaning towards open seating systems, which give employees the opportunity to come to work and choose a working space of their preference. Some days an employee may prefer the corner where they can work uninterrupted on a project. On other days they may prefer bustling groups to share ideas and collaborate on projects.

Have you been thinking of creating employee-friendly seating arrangements in your office? Here are a few things that can get you started:

  • Invest in portable computers like laptops and tabs instead of fixed computers. Create zones with fixed computers for employees who need them.
  • Make casual brainstorming possible by creating areas where groups can meet and discuss their projects.
  • Create secluded seating spaces for employees who need to focus on their projects.
  • Utilize modern furniture which is comfortable and ergonomic and can easily be moved from one place to another.