InteriorOfficeExperience driven office spaces. are they real?

October 18, 2019by ids

For a long time, office spaces have been undergoing extensive transformation since employees no longer want to limit their workspaces to small cubicles. Since nine to five shifts are also a rarity now and most employees end up taking work back home, it is important for offices to offer an environment which gives employees the ability to increase their efficiency and work without despising their workspace. In many developed countries in the USA as well as Europe, offices are now beginning to include experience-driven spaces.

What is an experience-driven office space?

Offices are starting to acknowledge the fact that happy employees lead to happy customers and quality work. So they are now beginning to focus on things that can increase employee satisfaction/happiness at work. This is done by offering wellness spaces like massage centres and chiropractor consultation in the office area itself. Other such elements include the installation of a gym, yoga studios, coffee shops, theater, music stage, meditation area and even climbing walls.

All of these help an employee enjoy various experiences and ensure that they feel calm and composed before they get down to work. These spaces are also meant to improve employee wellness since yoga and meditation improve mental and physical health.

Are they real?

There are several offices around the globe which have embraced the idea of experience-driven workspace and try to incorporate certain elements to offer such experiences to the employees. In India, many startup companies and young business owners have been in support of such workspaces. A lot of our interior designers work with business owners who are in conflict with the ways in which such experiences could be added to the workspace without impacting employee productivity.

For now, experience-driven offices are few and rare in India. But they are gaining traction as the world gets smaller and technology transfer takes a shorter span of time.