FurnitureResidentialStainless steel kitchens are low maintenance

October 11, 2019by ids
stainless steel modular kitchen hyderabad

A lot of our clients who come up to us for kitchen designs or remodeling an old kitchen often have one common question – How can we design a low maintenance kitchen? This concern is biggest in homes with children or with many family members. But it also makes sense for small families where both partners are working. Kitchens that do not need a lot of regular scrubbing, cleaning and maintaining tend to be more hygienic and can even last longer.

In recent years, we have found the use of stainless steel in kitchens becoming a phenomenal trend. Stainless steel is non-porous in nature. Most other materials used in the kitchen like wood naturally found stones like granite and marble, and vinyl are porous in nature. They may end up housing germs and microbes if not cleaned regularly. Some of these materials, like marble, also need special care when it comes to spillage since marble can get discolored easily.

Stainless steel does not absorb any liquid spills and its non-porous nature reduces the risks of germs taking up home in it. Just a simple wiping and sanitizing process give stainless steel a shine that makes it look new.

Messes and spills are very easy to clean even if they have been left to dry up. Steel is resistant to discoloration and has no specific cleaning requirements. You can use soapy water, plain water or hot water to clean up stainless steel and there will be no problems.

A lot of our designers advise customers about stainless steel kitchens for their low maintenance as well as the sophisticated look that can be achieved in the kitchen with the help of stainless steel. Since stainless steel shines and reflects everything, it can also help in creating the illusion of bigger spaces in your kitchen.