CommercialInterior5 tips to help you improve the design interiors of your salon

October 1, 2019by ids

In a salon, the right design can help your employees increase productivity and your clients enjoy a comfortable salon session. Here are 5 things to consider about your salon’s design:

  1. Pick the right height for placing the mirrors

In most cases, mirrors are accompanied with floating shelves or storage drawers. This means that the employees will be constantly using the area for placing their tools and equipment and other beauty products. It should be at a height which allows the hairdressers to comfortably reach out for the products without having to constantly strain their back. Chairs should also offer adequate adjustment to make sure that the employee can comfortably carry out haircuts and other beauty procedures.

  1. Hair wash stations should offer privacy

If the hair wash station is placed where the client would end up facing the waiting clients or on a road, then you must consider adding a partition to provide some privacy. Consider the flying of skirts and dresses, which can cause embarrassment for the clients or may make them feel uncomfortable.

  1. Follow the 3:1 ratio for cutting stations and hair wash sinks

For every 3 cutting stations, you must have one hair wash sink. This will reduce wait time on days when the salon is experiencing a significant inflow of customers.

  1. Use flooring which can absorb sound

By choosing flooring options that absorb sound, you will be able to reduce the chaos caused by blowers and other machines used inside the salon, especially when you are trying to build rapport with the client through small talk.

  1. Choose natural lighting

Wherever possible, consider using natural lighting to help your clients identify the true colours that they choose for hair colouring or any other makeup products. If you are located in a place with low natural lighting, use light bulbs that render colours closer to the actual colour.