CommercialInteriorWell-lit salons make a world of a difference

September 25, 2019by ids

A salon cannot make any concessions on lighting because a customer’s experience from the salon will often be defined by how good they looked in the mirror after a session. This is why we always advice our customers to pick lighting fixtures that can render colours close enough to the actual tone of the colour. Lighting also plays a role in setting the mood of a place. Well-lit interiors create bright and vibrant environments, while low lighting or dimly-lit places create mystery and enigma. For salon, you must be aiming for vibrancy rather than a mystery to meet customer expectations.

Consider lights that accurately render colour

Colour renditions are an important aspect that salons must consider because your clients may end up picking different colours under different lightings. Sometimes, you end up picking a red lipstick inside the salon, but when you step out and take a selfie, you realize that the lipstick is more brown than red. This can happen because of poor lighting.

Choose lighting fixtures which reduce shadows

When you look at the mirror in a salon, you would want to look at your reflection with the least number of distractions. If you are sitting in a haircutting station and a shadow falls on your face, then your reflection in the mirror will be marred by the shadow. Usually, track fixtures create shadows. Instead, pick lights that fall directly on the face to give clients a flattering reflection.

Pick energy-efficient light bulbs

Considering energy efficiency is good for the planet as well as for your pocket. In the long run, these bulbs will help you reduce electricity bills and increase your salon’s profitability. Energy-efficient bulbs also play a role in making your salon’s interior design environment-friendly.

Quality lighting is always a great step to increase the beauty of any interior space. In a salon, their importance is even higher, especially when your customers are looking forward to beauty transformations from your team.