CommercialFurnitureAre your massage tables ergonomic?

September 25, 2019by ids

Comfort is the key in any spa. This is why a lot of emphasis is placed on spa furniture when a spa’s interiors are being designed. Your customers would only be able to enjoy a massage session if they feel comfortable lying down on the table. The entire ambience of the room and the design of the massage table should put the customer at ease and help the person enter into a state of absolute relaxation.

Traditionally, massage tables were designed a single block of wood with a thin mattress placed at a height for the masseuse to easily massage the person lying on the table. This would still be the case if you offer traditional massage packages. But if your spa is more into modern equipment and massages, then you will find that the market for massage tables offer a huge range of modern designs in massage tables.

There are electric massage tables which can be adjusted for height and can even allow you to lift the backrest or the feet with buttons placed on the table. Hydraulic massage tables can be manually adjusted or may use electronic designs as well. This allows the masseuse to place the client in the perfect position for the massage and helps the person feel comfortable during the course of the massage.

The preferred fabric for massage tables is leather for its easy maintenance. As for the materials used for the structure of the table, you can pick wood or metal. While wood can add to the aesthetics of a calming and relaxing spa room, metal tends to look cold and may even look less elegant. Metal spa tables are a better choice for foldable spa tables which are carried by the masseuse for home spas.

By providing the right amount of comfort to your clients, you can increase customer loyalty in your spa and build your brand reputation.