CommercialFurnitureInteriorUsing the right furniture for your spa lobby helps you build better first impressions

September 24, 2019by ids

Have you ever visited a spa where you sat on uncomfortable furniture? If you did, would you go continue to visit the same spa? Since our minds’ manifestation of a spa is that of a comfortable and relaxing environment, we can hardly think of furniture that makes us uneasy. Since the lobby area in your spa will be mostly responsible for your customer’s first impression about the spa, it is important to pick the lobby furniture with mindfulness.

  1. Natural Wood or Metal?

Wood gives the space a more natural look and reinforces your spa’s slant towards the environment. Metal, on the other hand, represents sophistication. Does your spa embrace the ethereal beauty of wooden furniture? Or does it find the need to position itself as a modern space for urbane individuals? The personality of your brand and the overall look of your spa will be defined by the materials you choose for its furniture.

  1. Leather or fabric?

Leather is easy to maintain. It does not absorb odours and stains can easily go away if you wipe it with a wet cloth. This makes it perfect for spills and other accidents. Leather has also been associated for a long time with luxury furniture.

Fabrics for lounge chairs and sofas are beginning to grow in popularity. Spas that lean towards a natural environment can use organic cotton for the spa furniture and complement it with organic cotton used in curtains, linen and other furnishings. It aims towards a simple and minimalistic look. The downside of using fabric is that they are difficult to maintain. Stains may not be easily removed.

  1. Centre tables or nesting tables

Customers usually spend about 5 to 15 minutes in the spa lobby. During this time, they may look for a place to keep their handbags or other carry bags. They may also need a comfortably spaced table where they can place the welcome drink or tea offered in most spas. Apart from this, tables in a spa lobby have very little significance.

While centre tables are great and build a common space for all the customers to place their things, nesting tables provide your customers with a personal space of their own where they can keep all their belongings.