CommercialInteriorProjectsAre white interiors a design risk in salons?

September 24, 2019by ids

Mexican architect Abraham Cota Paredes designed the popular beauty salon franchise L’Occoco in Guadalajara, Mexico, in an all-white interior with only the brand logo standing out in black. As perfect as this high-end salon looks, could it be a design risk for a beauty salon which has to consider everyday maintenance at reasonable costs?

We spoke to our designers as well as our clients about their opinion on all-white interiors. Here’s what we found out:

  1. It can create the illusion of larger space

White and other light colours help small spaces look bigger. This is especially the case when the same colour is used fluidly on walls, floors, shelves and even furniture. White also happens to create a calming environment which serves a positive purpose in salons.

  1. Ideal for salons hoping to achieve minimalist looks

Minimalism has continued to be trend for a few years. Beauty salons have also embraced this design trend in many ways. All white-interiors are an excellent way to reduce clutter especially in the way Paredes uses it in L’Occoco.

  1. You will need more hands to keep the place clean

Even though all-white interiors are elegant and can help you stand apart in the crowd, it is very difficult to maintain a place with such interiors. Hair cutting stations have to be regularly cleaned up and all kinds of spills should be avoided to maintain the beauty of the place.

  1. Furniture may have to be upholstered more often

Even if you use leather to reduce maintenance, all white chairs will have to be regularly upholstered keeping in mind that hair colors, creams, moisturizing lotions and oils will come in regular contact with the furniture.

So if you are considering all-white interiors in your salon, there is a certain amount of design risk always involved in it.