DesignInteriorResidentialCreating pet friendly interiors

September 21, 2019by ids

A lot of our design projects see the regular showdown of our client’s design concepts and their unending love for pets. While they may be yearning for shaggy rugs, they mostly end up picking low carpets with intricate design patterns to hide stains and minimize fur build-up. But what we have realized is that pets add a lot of positivity in the environment even though they may require fastidious cleaning. Creating pet-friendly interiors have been as much fun for our designers as it has been for the clients.

Upholstery colours

We’ve focused on picking upholstery colours according to the colours of the pet’s fur. Pets with light coloured fur will leave fewer visible traces on sofas and beds that use light-colored upholstery. Leather happens to be an excellent choice for pet owners because it does not easily absorb odours and is relatively easier to maintain. Slip covers are a good way to save fabric sofas and couches.

You can also consider using light cotton throws on the sofas when the pets are around. Wash them regularly to keep them fresh and fragrant. It will reduce stains on the actual sofa upholstery.

Placement of furniture

Excited pets often end up knocking over the furniture when they run around in glee. Many of our clients have talked about their concerns about placing planters or lampshades in certain areas of the living room or the bedroom where their furry friends may topple them. It is best to avoid blind corners for such accessories and use sturdy materials for the planters or lampshades toe reduces the chances of breakage.

Use outdoor rugs

We encourage our clients to either use beautiful outdoor rugs for the interiors or to pick lighter materials for rugs that can be easily washed. Heavy carpets can be difficult to keep clean, especially when your pets start shedding their fur.