DesignInteriorResidentialAre vintage home trends making a comeback?

September 17, 2019by ids

We have seen lots of design trends that have never faded away at all, but with every new season, we see some design trends come back from the past making us realize how change doesn’t always mean that it has to be something absolutely new. Sometimes, old design aesthetics have a way of sneaking into contemporary interiors without disturbing the balance or making the space look dated. In recent years, some vintage home trends that have gained traction are:

  1. Geometric patterns

Have you noticed how interior design magazines and blogs have been raving about geometric patterns recently? Everything from rugs, bedsheets, curtains, floors andeven sofa covers seem to be coveredin geometric patterns. These were big in the 70s and are slowly creeping back into popularity.

  1. Brutalist designs

Homes in early 90s featured basic design with unfinished walls, rough surfaces andconcrete being a part of the average house. Today, this is coming back in the form of mid-century modern design where raw, incomplete spaces are considered to be a work worth admiration.

  1. House plants

Back in the 50s and 60s, house plants were a common way to decorate interiors. Homes, luxury hotels and even government offices used plants extensively as an element of interior design. This faded in the 90s and first decade of the 21st century. But plants have enjoyed a warm welcome into homes and workspaces once again as a means of combatting pollution and as decorative pieces too.

  1. Gold and brass

Brass continues to exude an elitist design outlook and is embraced by many home ownersfor its vintage feel. But gold and champagne bronze have started gaining popularity in homes too. You can find them in faucets, frames, planters, door knobs, knockers and lamp shades as well.