FurnitureSmall kitchen furniture – tips for successful buying

July 4, 2019by ids

Small kitchens can be quite tedious to outfit and the secret is to buy small kitchen furniture and equipment in colors that provide the illusion of a more spacious kitchen. Let us find out how we go about doing just that in this very interesting article.

Filling your kitchen up with furniture purchased without any attention to size and color will only serve to create a crammed and very unhappy environment. Kitchens are meant to be bright and cheerful, filled with the aromas of good cooking and warmth.  While not all of us are fortunate enough to have a big kitchen, we can still make the most of what we do have by buying the right small kitchen furniture.

People always want to keep the same appliances but this can seriously hinder your creativity and cram your space.  This is especially true if you are moving house and your previous kitchen was a bigger one.  True, in these hard economic times we need to save but believe me it is worth investing in a stand up fridge rather than a side by side one.  While white is a good choice, stainless steel would be my preference; keep it shiny and clean and it will reflect off surfaces to give the room a larger appearance.

Buy a stove or cooker to match and make sure you pay attention to depth of these items, you don’t want them protruding so far forward you can hardly move around. Buy a small microwave, you don’t really need jumbo size now do you!  You can mount it either above or under depending on the space you have.

Small kitchens mean a bit of inconvenience because you cannot have all your appliances to hand on the counter tops. Store your mixer, blender, toaster, coffee maker and other equipment in the cabinets, taking them out only when you need them.  If you are willing to make the sacrifice you can easily do without a dishwasher and spend just 15-20 minutes a day cleaning up.

If you have to eat in your kitchen then choose a wall mounted table that drops flush against the wall when not in use. Go for bar stools that can be stored against the table when not in use, these will take up less space than chairs would.

Small kitchen furniture means just that, smaller items that will still serve the purpose for which they were bought. Good luck with your shopping!