DesignProjectsThree stages of modular kitchen: design, installation, and service

June 13, 2019by ids

Every home maker on an average spends three quarter of her life in the kitchen. Her dream is to have a kitchen that suits her whims and fancies. She is the ruler of the kitchen and she deserves it to be a comfortable place with proper airflow and basic amenities.

We not only cook in the kitchen but we store food items for future requirements. So measures should be taken to see that the kitchen has spacious cabinets with an attractive appearance.

With the shortage of space and need for more luxury the concept of Modular Kitchen has arisen into the market. The Interior Designs Studio’s Modular kitchens are sophisticated, striking in appearance yet maintaining high efficacy. The kitchen cabinets are roomy and being made extendable they can meet your demands.

Interior Designs Studio authenticate their Modular kitchen designs after taking the kitchen area, budget and accomplishing time into consideration. The idea concertized has to be fabricated with no trivial variation. The promoters of Interior Designs Studio give importance to meeting their clients in person to know their views and expectations on the design.

Being an internet period the design can be visualized to the clients, giving an idea on the completed work. This speaks about the new enrichment given to the kitchen and any changes regarding it can be discussed. The Interior Designs Studio modular kitchen is molded as per the idea, need and taste of the client.

The Interior Designs Studio modular kitchen team takes up the execution of design work and once this stage is completed then it is time for installation of the kitchen cabinet with the kitchen units. The design and installation is being done with extreme care to provide maximum satisfaction and monetary value to its customers.

As soon as the design is ready to install we inform our client to take prior appointment to install the modular kitchen set up at their premises. As the pattern and plan differs from client to client our experts install the entire set up in a unique and professional way by using most advanced methods.

An elite aspect of Interior Designs Studio is that we discuss in detail on each stage of our work and we do take up the views of our clients into consideration as per the necessity. This attachment with our clients gives us more accuracy on what they are expecting from us.

Our relation with our clients does not end with the final installation but continues in the form of After-sales support as we provide services whenever required by them. We educate our clients on cleaning and maintaining the kitchen modules with ease and to utilize them in an efficient way.

Interior Designs Studio provide 24/7 service as we appreciate ourselves in committing to our services. This way we carry out our relationship with our clients and customers to serve them in a better way and become the true leaders of this segment.

Interior Designs Studio services are wide spread and the consistency of the business approach we give to every client and customer is same Reasonable, Premium in Quality and Timely deliverance.