DesignInteriorSimple ideas for small kitchen layouts

June 4, 2019by ids

Just because your kitchen is small, it does not mean that it is not functional. There are a number of things that you can do to make it efficient. You can design it using simple ideas for small kitchen layouts ideas and make it comfortable and interesting just like a big kitchen. Here are some ideas that use and come up with efficient layout for your small kitchen.

Single line layout- This layout idea is usually efficient for a small kitchen. It is simple and you just put the entire appliance in your kitchen in one line along the wall. This means that you choose a single sink basin and a small refrigerator that will fit on one side of your kitchen. It leaves you with plenty of space and you can move comfortably.

Galley- Using the galley layout makes a small kitchen efficient. This layout is characterized by narrow, long space that is available between two parallel walls. In this layout, the sink and the refrigerator have to be placed on the opposite sides. This will help create efficiency in your small kitchen. You can place the oven between the sink and the refrigerator. This may be at the end of the narrow space. It is the only way to create maximum space.

Circular layout- You must know how to create the space in your kitchen, no matter how small it may be. A good layout for your kitchen is a circular layout that leaves you with some space in the middle. This is the point where you will work from and you will find it efficient. Utilize every available space and you will work comfortably in your kitchen. Go for curved cabinets and you will have perfect circular small kitchen layouts.

Mini kitchen- This is a small kitchen which is added to a home movie theater or game room. This means that you take advantage of the space available in a room. A large space can help you create mini kitchen. This can be made using u-shape layout. Then bring in appliances like a refrigerator, microwave and a sink. Make a counter space where you can prepare your meals and eat snacks as you watch movies.

You can use any of the above small kitchen layouts and experience great comfort as you prepare your meals. Remember that the way you use the available space available determines the efficiency of your kitchen.