FurnitureInteriorLighting for bathroom: the start and end of the day

November 27, 2018by ids

Of late the bathrooms became more spacious and multi-utilitarian; it is a place where we recharge ourselves to work out the day.

Bathrooms have become a personal retreat for relaxation and self-indulgence. Bathrooms today need more sophisticated and structured lighting solutions to serve at their best.

So, why left this recharger go dull with a single light fixture on the ceiling or a single task light above the mirror? We can add more to it. Let’s see …

Task lights – vanity lighting is the first and foremost to consider as these lights brighten up the head and face for grooming. Placing a light over the mirror won’t do much and more over these produce shadows on the face.

Placing vertical light fixtures or wall sconces on either side of the mirror can focus a balanced light across the face making the daily grooming easier.

If the mirror is too large then placing the sidelights won’t serve much. In that case placing a 150 watts bulb above the mirror can fix the problem. The fixture should be positioned at a height of 70 -80 inches from the floor.

Our next task light area will be the shower.  Smaller bathrooms don’t need dedicated light over the bath tub or shower if they have a transparent glass door or else installing a recessed light will serve the need.

Ambient Lighting – fixing a chandelier in the middle will be a good choice for providing the ambient light in the bathroom. The other options are pendant lamp, cove lights and strip lights spread a mild glow around the room.

Accent Lighting – having accent lights installed under-cabinet and beneath the vanities can make the night trips to the bathroom more comfortable and safer. Accent lights can be installed to highlight the paintings or any decorative items in the bathroom.

Think of having an occupancy sensor then you can have the lights on and off when you come and go. It also saves energy.

Dimmers – To take control over the lighting and set the mood in the room dimmers are of great help and also conserve energy. Remember dimmers works only with their own compatibles – incandescent to incandescent and fluorescent to fluorescent.

Interior Designs Studio advises you to always consult a certified electrician before taking up any lighting project even it is smaller or bigger project. Because your safety comes first.

You can consult us for every interior designing project. We have a range of lighting fixtures for every need and every space. Come and interact with our products to understand them in more details.