InteriorInterior design: wallpaper is making a comeback

November 3, 2018by ids

As we say the word Wallpaper and most people get a headache. Well, Wallpaper is making a comeback and it’s much better than it used to be. It used to be lackluster and had images no one should want to display. Today, Wallpaper is one of the hottest ways to add decor to any room of a home.

There are a few secrets to working with Wallpaper, but they don’t entail as much effort as you might imagine.

Today’s use of Wallpaper is much different than it used to be. Wallpaper today can be used to add borders, spice up certain walls and work in conjunction with paint. It is not used to blanket an entire room or, heaven forbid, an entire home.

Choose your Wallpaper after you choose your paint. The two should blend together and allow for a seamless transition. Be sure to choose Wallpaper and paint from the same color families and don’t do too much at once. Take your time and move from room to room slowly.