FurnitureGetting the right bed for your kids

June 27, 2018by ids

What to know before buying?

Choosing bed for a kid or kids is not an easy job and you just can’t decide what the exact fit is for

your child. In most of the cases shopping may end your time in stores looking for the best match.

Before going to shop for kids’ bed observe your child’s sleeping patterns, is he/she sleeping comfortably in his existing bed or he/she facing any problems in his/her bed?

Feeling discomfort and insecure in the bed is the basic reason why kids wake up in the middle of the night, and this is not a good exercise for both the parents and child in terms of health.

Knowing these basic things can make you choose the right bed and beddings for your child. Read on to know the essentials …

What are the 3-things to consider while shopping kids’ bed?

A strong bed frame, a good box spring and a good quality mattress are the three essentials that make kids’ bed a comfort for their growing body. Choose these 3-essentials in such a way that they survive the kids’ jumping on the bed.

What are the bed frame types available?

Well, there are varieties of bed-frames available with us. Just to name a few adjustable bed-frames, canopy, bunk beds, and four post, platform and sleigh types. For comfort with storage we have “Captain’s bed-frame”.

What is “Captain’s bed-frame”?

Captain’s bed frames are purposely intended for kids and teens with drawers underneath the frame for storage. These are great space savers when compared to other frames. – specialists in manufacturing these models along with other models.

What are the mattress types?

There are mattresses made of Innersprings, Memory Foam and Memory Foam Hybrid.

What are Memory Foam Hybrid mattresses?

The mattresses made by the combination of Innerspring and Memory Foam are known as Memory Foam Hybrid mattresses.

What type of mattress is good for my kid?

Any type of mattress is good for your kid. So, take your child along with you and let him/her choose his or her mattress. Let the kid test-try as many mattresses as possible in the price range you’ve selected.

What type of bed is good for children?

Bunk beds are children’s favorite and they are space saving too. Bunk beds are nothing but two beds of any size that are stacked on top of each other.

Take proper care while choosing bunk beds. See that there are guard-railings around the bunk and the mattress stay below five inches from guard-rails.

These beds come along with a safety ladder to climb up. Get smart by choosing the bunks which can be unstacked and used as twin beds when needed.

What if my child does not like bunk-beds?

If your children don’t like the Bunk beds and you want to save space then Loft beds are better alternatives. Loft beds are very much resembles to bunk beds but only difference is that they allow only the top bunk and leaves space underneath that can be used for storage.

I heard of low-profile trundle bed. What is it?

A low profile trundle bed is an amazing choice for any kid’s room. This is a combination of full size bed with a twin bed underneath.

The twin bed comes along with wheels which can be pulled out and pushed in easily when needed. They are available in wide range of styles from contemporary to traditional.