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June 27, 2017by ids
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A research says that “Lighting” can have its effect on our psychological and behavioral order. Lights can affect our attention, lights can change our preferences and they can affect our body position too. You too can experience this effect by sitting in different shades of light. So,

moths are not only the creatures attracted to lights. We too!!!

Lighting is essential to maintain ambience and aesthetics both in our working and living spaces. It is a key factor that reveals and enhances everything – furniture, flooring and wall accents through their colors, finishes and textures and is the heart of interior designing.

What’s the rule?

Count the number of lights required for every room. Depending on the room’s usability and your personal preferences you can tell whether the room needs one light or more than one light. For instance, in kitchen we need more light than in living room. You can simply find out what is the proper amount of wattage required for each room using the formula

L x W x 1.5

The resultant is the amount of watts required for the room. Let’s say your bedroom is 15ft long and 12ft wide then you need 15 x 12 x 1.5 = 270W of light in it. This can be received from a chandelier or from two to three ceiling lights added with wall sconces. You can calculate the amount of watts for other rooms in the same way.

What type of lights should I buy?

The best way to decide is to observe the lights installed in you friends’ and relatives’ homes after that visit your local showroom or there are so many online stores to browse and shop like ours This way you can get a clear image of your ideas regarding lights.

Are there any factors influencing lighting?

Yes. There are three factors that influence the lighting – light source, light fixture and the position of the light fixture.

What are the different types of lighting?

Ambient or natural lighting – is the indoor equivalent of natural sunlight outside. This natural light largely comes from doors and windows and in some cases from ceiling. When this light blended with task lights can supply the total ambient light in the room. The sources for ambient light comprise flush mounted ceiling lights, ceiling fan lights and chandeliers.

Accent lighting – this lighting is strictly for decorative and highlighting purpose and is not for utilitarian purpose.

Task lighting – it enhances the room’s ambient light by providing extra lighting for particular tasks like reading and writing, cooking etc.

What are the various light fixtures?

Pendant Light – a small fixture suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain or metal rod is known as a pendant light. These lights do not serve much area, more than one light are used to serve more space and these look beautiful when arranged in a sequence.

Chandelier – these combine multiple bulbs in single unit to make a big, more theatrical appearance. Being large and combined with numerous bulbs these can produce large amount of light to cover a wide area. These are expensive fixtures than any other fixtures.

Ceiling fan – these are designed to give functional ambient light in any room and are great way to offer cool air and bright light at the same time. These are cost effective and are ideal for bedrooms, home gyms and can be used in the rooms where there’s lot of bustle.

Wall sconce – provide subtle ambiance and decoration and these are wall-mounted fixtures. These are used in multiples along hallway and doorways.

Recessed lighting – can be used in multiples under shelving units, on cupboards, on the ceiling to provide theatrical accent. These are low profile fluorescent bulbs and hence cost effective.

Cabinet lighting – these can be installed underneath a cabinet or shelving unit to provide lighting for a specific task. These are ideal for kitchen cabinets but can be used anywhere for more brightness.

Track lighting – these are combined bulbs in a single unit but unlike chandelier these are not grouped but aligned side by side on a horizontal track. These give lot of light and can be used to highlight decorative items like paintings and are ideal for hallways, kitchen and office.

Floor or table lamps – as they sound these are the traditional fixtures can be placed anywhere like tables and floors. They come in different shapes, sizes and designs. They are good for living room and bedrooms.

These are the basics to know before you leap. Do not compromise on lighting essentials as they can affect the ambiance and mood in the space.

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Happy shopping!!!